Medics At Home Partners with Omaha and American Ambulance

Omaha Ambulance and American Ambulance Partner with Medics At Home
Omaha, Nebraska, February 1, 2012 — Omaha Ambulance and American Ambulance today announced a partnership with Medics At Home, another Nebraska Advanced EMS service.

Omaha Ambulance was Omaha’s first ambulance service founded in 1938 by the Rine family. Mike and Barb Rine have been running the business since 1978 when Mike purchased it from his father. Omaha Ambulance acquired American Ambulance in 1987 and the two companies moved under one roof in a 20,000 SF building located near 60th and Sorenson in 1999.

“We have been running the business for the past 30 years and have built a well respected EMS service serving Omaha and surrounding communities in Nebraska. Barb and I are very proud of what we have accomplished and are proud of our employees and the service they provide”, stated Mike Rine, President and CEO.

Medics At Home was formed in November of 2010, and is currently providing transport and standby services in the state of Nebraska. The partnership between the companies will allow for expansion and new services in the coming months.

“We started taking a look at where EMS is heading in the future and are very excited to work with a long standing EMS Company to expand services for the community. We have a lot of work to do to implement our future plans, and the excellent employee base existing at Omaha and American will give us the bandwidth to execute these plans”, stated Brian Townsend, President of Medics At Home.

Mike added, “EMS in the US is evolving as is the entire Health Care system. We are excited about the plans and will be working closely with Medics At Home to implement them. We are partners in this endeavor and will continue to own and be involved with the operations of the company.”

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