Welcome to Medics At Home. We are an Omaha & Lincoln area based Transport ALS provider. We offer services ranging fromĀ standby at large sporting events, concerts, all the way to small, local school events. Immediate access to health care providers in emergency situations should be your priority. Our company has nationally trained paramedics that will standby at any event no matter the size and be ready to provide advanced life support if needed in a heartbeat. Depending on the size of the event will determine how many paramedics are on standby.

Medics At Home started in 2010, but has over 52 years of EMS expertise. The founders are full time firefighters and paramedics with a local service & have years of business experience.

If you have a large event coming up or need to be transported via rescue squad, give us a call to discuss your options. We would love to hear from you.

Press Releases:
Medics At Home Partners with Omaha and American Ambulance – Press Release 2-1-2012

Medics At Home Approved for Transport – Press Release 5-5-2011