Transport Company Rapidly Expands

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Transport Company Rapidly Expands

Omaha, Nebraska, June 1, 2012 – Medics at Home recently bought American Ambulance Service and became a strategic partner with Omaha Ambulance Service, launching them from an extremely small medical transport company to one of Omaha’s largest.

Derrick Blackmore, previously an employee of both American and Omaha Ambulance, is the new director of marketing and sales for Medics at Home. “The injection of new ideas, a new work ethic, and an abundance of business experience has come with this recent acquisition and partnership. Our employees are reinvigorated and we have already seen positive results in the three months since Medics at Home has been involved,” Blackmore responded when asked how the new and old companies are working together. Blackmore also added that he is looking forward to having the tools to go out and make this company grow.

“We feel that this made the most sense for us to quickly grow our business,” said Brian Townsend, CEO of Medics at Home. Townsend went on to elaborate that as a volunteer firefighter himself, being involved in medical transportation and treatment is a fantastic fit for his skills. “We are certain that we will be able to offer the best customer service in our community, quick responses, professionalism, and training that is above all required levels,” Townsend says.

What exactly does a medical transport company do? Medics at Home offers specialty vehicles that move people that cannot otherwise move themselves. This could mean someone temporarily or permanently in a wheelchair, but it could also mean someone in need of a higher level of medical care while moving from one place to another. They have trained EMTs and Paramedics in every ambulance, and can perform the needed care to the patient during the ride. In addition to medical transportation, Medics at home is offering stand by services for any activity ranging from a company picnic to the local high school football game. This puts an ambulance on scene and trained personnel ready to respond at the moment of any accident. Medics at Home also offers shuttle or courtesy vehicle transportation. Similar to a taxi service, this is for people that can still walk on their own, but maybe should no longer be driving. A much more personal service than that of a taxi. As if this weren’t enough, their employees are sometimes called to an emergency in a home or place of business. They don’t compete with the local 911 services, but are used by people looking for more discretion, or who just aren’t sure if they are in a 911 situation.

Medics at Home is still running like a small business, with just three owner operators and a few select investors. They have grown from having one ambulance to having a fleet of more than 20 vehicles. They offer services ranging from shuttle service to corporate response teams. They are a company to watch over the next few years.

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